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Goli Entezari

The Sound of Clay

The tune of the beginning and the end, reviving, peace and freedom, presence and sobriety of the mind… they may all be different cultural concepts that are disguised in bells.

To me, not only their presence and historical background matters, but also they have repeatedly been the elements which I use in my designs and architectural spaces.

Bulks whose silence is broken by our hands and their sound is resonated through the air.

A mysterious aspect has constantly aroused a particular sort of excitement in me, and that is to modify clay into sound.  A clay that has absorbed various sounds since eternity.

And today, this mysterious sound gives life to my work; to my suspended sculptures.

Goli Entezari

February 2016

Goli Entezari

Born in 1983, Tehran, Iran


2007  Graduated in Architecture, Eastern Mediterranean University, Cyprus

Solo Exhibition:

2016  “The Sound of Clay”, Etemad Gallery, Tehran, Iran