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Asareh Akasheh

Body Image

“Body Image” is an expression adopted from Psychology which means one's understanding of his/her own body. “Body Image” will change depending on the personal experiences of each individual and the destruction of the borders of his body through time in political, social and medical occasions. Any such change is considered as a traumatic experience, a wound that blemishes and destroys this understanding.

Body Image also refers to the body of my paintings. In other words, I have considered a body for each image. A corrupted and torn apart body which has been extracted from the unconscious of the image.

The works in this exhibition reveal the mind and the memory’s effort for reviving, reminding or recurring a traumatic past, concentrating on both mentioned implications of the phrase “Body Image”.

Asareh Akasheh

Born in 1984, Tehran, Iran


(Quitted in 2010)  MA in Painting, Sooreh University, Tehran, Iran

2007  BA in Painting, Art University, Tehran, Iran 

Since 2007   Member of the Association of Iranian Painters

Solo Exhibitions:

2010  “Recreation or Inquisition”, Mohsen Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2009  “Only Storm Begets Disparate Children”, Homa Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2007  “Untitled”, Laleh Gallery, Tehran, Iran

Selected Group Exhibitions:

2015  “Tehran, Virtual or Real”, Curated by Nazila Nobashari, Aran Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2014  “Selected Works from the Pejman Collection", Dastan Sam Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2014  “Gaza”, Curated by Amirhossein Bayani, Niavaran Cultural Center, Tehran, Iran

2013  “History Game”, Curated by Aidin Xankeshipour, Etemad Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2013  “Nord Art Symposium”, Hamburg, Germany

2012  “The Game”, Shirin Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2010  “Wake Up to the Coming of a Night after Night”, Azad Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2010  “Iranian Artists under the Radar”, Curated by Ali Bakhtiari, The Running Horse Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon

2009  “Humankind Settlement & City”, London, UK

2009  “Figurative Painting Group Exhibition”, Etemad Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2009  “Personally Political – Contemporary Sensation”, Curated by Barbara  Fragogna,

           The Art House Tacheles, Berlin, Germany


2014  Shortlisted for Kurt Beers’ “100 Painters of Tomorrow”

2009  Amongst the Six Selected Painters in “A Frame for Youth” Festival, Tehran, Iran

2008  Award of Merit, The 3rd Competition of “New generation”, Tehran, Iran    

2008  Award of Honor, The 1st Visual Symposium of “The City”, Tehran, Iran

2007  Award of Honor, “Dr.Sondoozi” Drawing biennale, Tehran, Iran

Art Biennales:

2014  The 1st Qingdao International Art Biennale, China

2012  The 5th Beijing International Art Biennale, China