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Saeed Nodehi

“C” like Carrot. “W” like Weapon

The sound of glue is constantly heard. He cuts one out and glues the other. This is the story that very often happens in the environment of my work.

An environment in which values are played with. They are increased or decreased, stretched and torn apart in an instant.

This is a quality generated through floral borders. A border that guides the mind towards the stamps and gives a critical social structure to the work. It prices the values that we construct and deconstruct leisurely, the values we put a patch on when frayed.

Patches that are stuck to substitute or override a previous shape, or might repair and cover a defect.

In my theory, the elements that contradict each other, sit beside one another in order to “create a secondary element in meaning” and the volumes and collages are a means for transferring this personal reasoning.

The challenge of meaning between the preliminary image and the things attached in the last moments, gives a paradoxical quality to the work which makes its reading greatly ambiguous.

As a result of the said approach, I decided to decorate Ahmad Shah with carrots instead of flowers.


January 2016


Born in 1982, Tehran, Iran


2011 MA in Painting, Art & Architecture University, Tehran, Iran

2007 BA in Painting, Art &Architecture University, Tehran, Iran

Member of the Society of Iranian painters [SIP]

Teaching Art at the University of Applied Science & Azad University

Solo Exhibitions:

2014 “Floral Borders”, Etemad Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2011 “Virtual Fingers”, Etemad Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2009 “Metamorphosis”, Etemad Gallery, Tehran, Iran

Selected Group Exhibition in Iran:

2015 Etemad gallery, Tehran, Iran

2015 Raad Charity’s Second Visual Arts Auction, Tehran, Iran

2014 “Takhti”, Shirin Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2014 Panjereh Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2013 “History Game”, Etemad Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2013 “Inversion”, Dastan Basement, Tehran, Iran

2013 “The Others”, Shirin Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2013 “Coka Mashadi”, Arte Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2013 Hoor Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2013 Igreg Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2013 Sheila Gallery’s Third Anniversary, Tehran, Iran

2012 The First Painting & Sculpture Annual, Iranian Artists’ Forum, Tehran, Iran

2012 The Second Tehran Painting Market/ Saba Museum, Tehran, Iran

2012 “Events”, Day Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2011 “Art Works From Two Known Art Collectors”, Golestan Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2011 “Human towards Nullity”/ Hoor Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2011 “Portrait 13*18”, Etemad Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2011 Apadana Gallery, Esfahan, Iran 

2011 The Fifth Young Art Visual Arts Festival, Saba Museum, Tehran, Iran

2009 Momayyez Gallery, Iranian Artists’ Forum, Tehran, Iran

2009 New Generation Selection/Fourth Course, Pardis Mellat, Tehran, Iran

2009 Second Contemporary Iran Drawing Festival, Imam Ali Museum, Tehran, Iran

2009 Aran Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2009 The First Fajr Visual Arts Festival/ Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts, Tehran, Iran

2008 The Forth Young Art Visual Arts Festival, Saba Museum, Tehran, Iran

2008 New Generation Selection/ Third Course , Niavaran Cultural Center, Tehran, Iran

2008 Laleh Gallery, Tehran, Iran