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Ila Firouzabadi

A new language is born by every creation.

A language that has its own structure and rules, and if created with passion, is a reflection of objection.

You should look at it for long, so that a meaning is born through the lines of the image.

I am in pursuit of a lost language through images of which, a feeling is secreted that I can call it the human pathetic yet splendid fragility.

I do not choose my language. This language is gradually formed and born in a bustling and mysterious process.

It is created by scream and also by sympathy, since I consider these as inseparable.

Due to the conditions we are all affected by, it makes no difference if we are the convict or the apparent cause of Sympathy.

The situation is pathetic and so requires sympathy.

It is pathetic because structures take priority over human beings and all living creatures, and it seems that we have all accepted this fact already.

It is as if the issue is fighting against a clear structure, in order to create another structure, and we keep repeating this, time and again.

It is pathetic because you should confront the dark side of human beings, with their infinite and unique desire for killing or imposing their pain on others, while they are suffering from a great pain themselves. And because with all the droll contradictions, you are so clearly seeing yourself as part of this system, this cultural and human structure; and because you are part of the pain yourself.

I want this feeling of sympathy to emanate from my work, not the moral kind and not the kind that considers itself separate from the current situation and has its own prescription in mind.

Oh no, I watch and think: “look what has happened! Look where we are standing, with a dragger in the beak!”

Ila Firouzabadi

Winter, 2016

Ila Firouzabadi

Born in 1980, Tehran, Iran


2009 National Superior Diploma in Fine Arts, School of Decorative Arts, Strasbourg, France

2006 National Diploma of Visual Arts (DNAP), School of Decorative Arts, Strasbourg, France

2006 Master 1 in Visual Arts, University of Marc Bloch, Strasbourg, France_2005 Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Marc Bloch, Strasbourg, France_2003 Bachelor of Graphics, Azad University (Art and Architecture), Tehran, Iran

Group Exhibitions:

2015 “The Body without Organs”, Duo Exhibition, M.A.I (Montreal Art Intercultural), Montreal, Canada

2014 “There Are No Foreign Lands. It Is the Traveler Only Who Is Foreign”, Interactive video installation, Duo Exhibition, Mohsen Gallery, Tehran, Iran  

2013 “The Sea. Smiles from Far off. Teeth of Foam. Lips of Sky.”, Lorca, Oboro Gallery, Montreal, Canada

2013 “MusicPoetryMotion”, Video Screening, Lima, Peru

2013 “Diversité Artistique de Montréal (DAM)”, Montreal, Canada

2012 “CINEMATICA”, Micro Festival Dedicated to Iran, La Elastica, Montreal, Canada

2011 Sculpture and Installation Exhibition, Aubette, Strasbourg, France

2010 “Resonances”, Museum Theodore Deck, Guebwiller, France

2010 “Une Victoire Sans Appel”, Apollonia (European art exchanges), Strasbourg, France

2009 “Intuitions Fantasques”, Syndicat Potentiel, Strasbourg, France_2009 “Moving Lines”, Artfotum Kunstlerkreis Ortenau Gallery, Offenburg, Germany_2009 “Westerwaldpreis 2009”, Keramik Museum Westerwald, Germany_2009 “Show Room”, Chaufferie Gallery, Strasbourg, France_2009 “CEEAC”, European Centre of Contemporary Art, Strasbourg, France

2008 “La Reine de la Forêt”, Project Gallery, School of Decorative Arts, Strasbourg, France

2003 “International Triennial of Eco-Poster”, Kharkov, Ukraine

2002 “The Exhibition of Posters for the Writer Sadegh Hedayat”, Seyhoun Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2000 Drawing Group Exhibition, Azad Gallery, Tehran, Iran